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"I wish I knew how to measure marketing performance properly, so I don’t waste time and money."

Multitasking business owner

As an established business owner, you deal with this on a daily basis. You've got a dozen marketing projects on the go and nowhere near enough time to perfect them. It doesn't matter whether you're doing it yourself or overseeing a team or agency who are doing it for you - it all takes time. 

And marketing measurement is at the bottom of the to-do list because you're busy updating your website, writing blogs, running Facebook ads, posting on multiple social media channels. All on top of doing the work that actually pays your bills. You've got so much to do, it's hard to keep up.

You've heard all the cliches about working smarter, not harder - but that's easier said than done!

What you'd really love to do is stop! Press the pause button on your marketing and give yourself time to think about it properly. Work out what you need to change. Where you can save time. Where you can save money. Or at least spend the money more wisely to get a bigger return on that investment.

But that's scary. Because everyone knows if you stop marketing your leads will dry up! No leads mean no sales. And no sales mean no money in the bank.

So, you keep going. Because at least you're getting leads, even if you don't know where they're coming from. Something must be working, even if you don't know what that is. 

Busy business owner struggling with marketing measurement
Business owner confused by Marketing Measurement & Google Analytics

You've tried to work it out yourself in Google Analytics


You installed and logged into Google Analytics, but took one look and tech-phobia kicked in. Bad memories of long-forgotten maths lessons suddenly sprang to mind... 


"What does this mean?"

“There’s so much information – I’ll never have time to understand all of this.”

“Is this written in gobbledygook or mumbo jumbo?”


You spent hours reading blogs and watching videos. Filtering through tons of conflicting advice, only to end up more confused than you were when you started.​​​​​​​

So, you closed Google Analytics and promised to look again another day when you had more time.

And now, months or even years have gone by, and you've never looked at it again because marketing measurement is just too hard.

But you keep posting on social media, and you keep paying for ads and SEO. You don't know what’s working and what's not, but something must be, so you keep going with it all anyway.

Does this sound familiar?​​​​​​​

Imagine if you could...

  • Get super clear on which parts of your marketing are performing well and which aren't
  • Know exactly what you need to do to improve your results
  • Feel confident that you're making the best marketing decisions for your business
  • Know exactly where your marketing budget is best spent to get a better ROI
  • Save time and money by cutting out marketing activities that don't perform well
  • Increase your conversions and sales and MAKE MORE MONEY!


Well, now you can. 

It's time to call in the experts and switch from 'guesswork' marketing to powerful data-driven marketing.



We analyse your marketing data. Deliver the results in an easy to read report. And tell you exactly what to do to improve performance and increase sales. 

Our Unlock Your Marketing Potential Service is the easy way for tech-phobic business owners to get valuable insights into their marketing so they can make smart decisions with powerful results.

Yes, it's that dreaded Google Analytics again! But don't worry, because you won't even have to look at it. You can leave it all to us.

Every month, we’ll extract meaningful data and present it to you in a jargon-free, easy to understand report that's chock-full of info and suggestions so you can improve your marketing and sky-rocket your sales.

Happy group looking at marketing measurement report

Our monthly report helps you:

  • Measure your online success
  • Improve your online strategies
  • Increase your businesses’ visibility
  • Make a substantial impact on your marketing's effectiveness
  • Get a better ROI on your marketing spend
  • Grow your business
  • Convert more leads
  • Make more money
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save your sanity!

We get the most out of your data by tracking the most important things to you and your business. We always focus on the smallest changes that will have the biggest impact.

What’s included?

Customer insights
Understand your customer's behaviour, find out what they're looking for and whether you're addressing their needs. We'll tell you:

  • Where your website visitors have come from, i.e., a Google search, a Facebook ad, a sales page, Pinterest or wherever else.
  • Who your website visitors are - what geographical area do they come from? Have they visited you before, or are they here for the first time?
  • How visitors behave when they're on your site - where are the wins and where are they dropping out?

Marketing measurements that help you see if you’re achieving your goals. We'll analyse the performance of your:

  • Website content
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Social media ads
  • Abandoned baskets
  • Blog posts
  • Affiliate relationships

We’ll look at click-through and conversion rates. Track how those rates have increased or decreased over time. And most importantly, tell you how much money each piece of marketing activity has generated.


We don’t just give you meaningless numbers. We’ll tell you what those numbers mean, how they compare to the industry standard AND what actions you can take to improve them if they aren’t up to scratch. 

Here are some examples of suggestions we’ve made that have helped our clients raise their visibility and  increase their sales:

  • Increase email open rates by changing the subject lines and introducing A/B testing.
  • Increase newsletter subscribers by adding a pop-up to your website and increasing the frequency of social media posts inviting sign-ups.
  • Increase website visits from Google by optimising the use of keywords.
  • Stop website visitors dropping out of your site by improving content on the pages where this happens.
  • Recover sales from abandoned shopping carts by sending emails.
  • Increase sales through social media by increasing the number of posts that convert the best.

We’d be happy to give you a quote for any website changes we suggest, but of course, you don’t have to hire us.

On-going support

On top of your monthly report, you'll also get:

  • A monthly Zoom call
  • Unlimited email support

Having us on hand helps you unleash your full potential.

Worried you’ll be overwhelmed? Don’t be!

We know you won’t be able to implement all of our recommendations at once. So, each month we’ll focus on 1 or 2 things to look at in depth, starting with the ones that will have the biggest impact. 

You’ll get an overview for everything else, and we’ll look at those things in depth in later months.

Working this way means you’ll have a manageable number of things to focus on each month. And there will be enough time to see if the changes are working, before we revisit them again.


Stop wasting your time, money and energy on things that don't work and invest it in the stuff that does.

This service is right for you if:​​​​​​​

  • You're an established purpose-led business owner with an online marketing presence.
  • You're an action taker who's ready to implement the recommendations we suggest, to improve your marketing ROI.
  • You're open to change.

Our Unlock Your Marketing Potential Service empowers you to make data-led decisions on your marketing so you can take action to improve it and make more money.

Choose our Unlock Your Marketing Potential Service whenever any of these are true for you . . .

  • You're spending time and money on ads, emails, sales pages, blogs, SEO and other marketing types with no idea what's working and what's not.
  • You want key insights into your marketing performance but don't know where to start.
  • You need jargon-free, easy to understand information you can act on.
  • You're already swamped with work and don't have time to stop and make sense of your marketing.
  • Your mind is boggled, and you need a fresh non-biased pair of eyes to make everything clear.
  • You've always wanted to unlock the power of Google Analytics but feel overwhelmed at the thought.

Why Choose Us?

You'll get the truth, and nothing but the truth!
We offer a completely unbiased and transparent service. You don't pay us to write your ads, run your campaigns or carry out SEO, so there's no conflict when it comes to telling you how it is.

We're a Google Analytics Certified team with over a decade of experience
Our Google Analytics training means we've got a solid understanding of all the metrics and reporting available, and we know what it all means. And as we're re-assessed every year, you can be sure our knowledge is fresh and up-to-date with any changes.


We've got lots of happy customers

Gareth E

Gareth Evans Consulting

Tricia was fantastic. She produced a modern, updated website for me, absolutely what I wanted. She also produced templates for social media. She was extremely accommodating and provided quick responses when needed. Overall, a super job and the site has drawn great praise from many. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tricia for work of this nature. Cant thank her enough - particularly her patience!

Sarah H


Tricia was a superstar! She quickly got to work on my issue which had been giving me headaches straight away and fixed it with no problems at all. Tricia has great communication skills and explained fully what the issue was. I will definitely work with Tricia again.

Garth T

Fantastic. Very efficient and quick to complete a job which another freelancer struggled to do. very pleased!!

Rachel T

Otter Natural

Very happy with my business website. Brilliant communication and all round lovely x

Terry F

Alpine Plumbing

They did an absolutely wonderful job of my site and can't thank them enough. 

Carole G

Transform Your Life with Carole George

I was looking for an experienced web designer to sort several glitches on my website. I sent a note to Tricia of Danu Design and was really pleased to get a friendly, informed response later that day.

Tricia grasped the nature of the issues I had and came back to me the following day with proposed solutions and a timescale. She explained things in very non-technical language, which suited me down to the ground.

The work was carried out to schedule in a very professional manner. Tricia also explained SEO to me in very simple terms, and I now feel confident about providing the correct information in the correct format – thank you!

I love the way Tricia worked and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her work to others – she’s fabulous.

Here's how it works:

  • We'll start with a consultation call to find out about your business and check that this service is right for you.
  • If you don't already have Google Analytics set up, we'll do that for you.
  • We'll analyse your data once a month and send you a jargon-free report, choc-full of valuable insights and recommendations.
  • You'll have the option to book a Zoom call with us once a month if you'd like to discuss the report.
  • We're only an email away if you have any other questions before your next report arrives.
Business owner celebrating marketing success

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Our money-back guarantee

Our hope is that once you’ve said yes, you’ll be excited for that first report to come through. But, if you do change your mind, we’ll give you a full refund if you let us know within 21 days.

Or, if you decide to cancel after you get your first report, let us know within 7 days, and we’ll refund the remaining months payments.